Casalio C

Casalio - Simplicity in action

Casalio is one of the most advanced Systems worldwide to list and manage your holiday-lettings online and to have your own website for your holiday homes, using your own domain.

Casalio is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Casalio Portal
  2. Casalio Management and
  3. Casalio Web

1. CASALIO PORTAL:  Insert Quality and Luxury Rentals | Full Screen presentation | Up to 70 pictures just per drag-and-drop | 5 languages | Onsite Editing.

2. CASALIO MANAGEMENT: A complete vacation rental software platform that does it all | Availability calendars | Email templates | Contact database and much more | Super simple.


3. CASALIO WEB: Professional Website for Vacation Rentals | Use your own domain  | No programming necessary  | 5 languages  | Powerful Search  | Branding  | Add Pages  | Html-Editing | Fullsreen-Presentation of your holiday homes.





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Casalio C

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